One thing that has become really clear to me over the past few months is that the small business ecosystem is changing  — or maybe I just didn’t notice until now. Businesses operate in a much more fluid, flexible and portable way than ever. Many operate remotely, that part is not so new. Many don’t have a brick and mortar element, that has been happening all along.

But the most obvious development to me is there are so many that don’t really have “employees“.

Yeah, we know, for some time now the trend has been for larger companies to hire more sub-contractors to avoid the commitment of a payroll employee or to escape providing benefits. But the thing that stands out to me as a shift are the virtual companies that I am finding all around me.

Clusters of entrepreneurs and freelancers with unique talents and common goals, are collaborating on projects and ideas, building and creating great things!

The reality of this is quite awesome. It allows people who have built up valuable sales or technical skills over time, to collaborate with creative talent, act on ideas and get direct rewards for their ingenuity and hard work, without the middle man, with complete freedom, and with ALL the credit (or blame) for the outcome.

The best part is that these clusters overlap infinitely. So one contributor (like myself) is likely to be in multiple clusters or networks and the result is an engaging and diverse career path, that opens up loads of new opportunity.

So, maybe I’m late to this party, but either way, I have been very inspired by the people I have met who are forming this web of endless ventures, and I am excited about what is yet to come.