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by | Mar 28, 2020 | Maven News

This global health crisis is impacting us in ways that many of us were not prepared for. Top priority is the safety and well being of the human race of course. Above and beyond that the fallout of the COVID-19 crisis is clobbering us in the stock market, retirement accounts, and crippling businesses that rely upon walk-in customers or human contact of any kind.
We all hope to be on the other side of this as soon as possible, and we will, at a safe pace.

Meanwhile, the response I am seeing and am assisting my clients with, is a massive shift in migrating services to remote availability. Not only in obvious ways, but finding new ways to keep their businesses active, help customers and remain relevant in such a strange and challenging time. These changes are forced for some but can reap benefits indefinitely.

How Local Businesses are Adapting
Examples include doctors or healthcare professionals who are utilizing Facetime, Telehealth, Zoom and other platforms to help patients remotely. There are some right here in Concord NH, such as Dr. Anthony Sacco, an Optometrist who has been serving NH residents for over 30 years. Dr. Sacco is currently scheduling Facetime appointments to diagnose and prescribe medication for any eye problems or issues that can safely be addressed in that way.
Other small business owners like Ohana Yoga Studio in Hopkinton NH, are providing much needed online access to meditations, relaxation techniques, and full blown yoga classes. The demand is high and has prompted the introduction of a Virtual Yoga Studio to house recorded content, classes and information, making it possible for people to access 24/7 in the comfort of their homes.
A more complex example is Future In Sight, who have been serving NH residents for over 100 years offering support and services for blind or visually impaired people of all ages. The type of service they are known for is personal, one-on-one relationships to assist a wide variety of individual needs. They have organized and scheduled a comprehensive list of online events for  Peer Support groups, Technology Groups, Parent Workshops and more. The specialists and professionals of Future In Sight are also offering assistance and guidance using Facetime or Zoom in a much broader sense than before.
This focus of online products and services is not new, but never more obvious and needed than it is right now. It spans many, if not all, industries in some way, shape or form.
So, for those that have not had the opportunity to put energy into their web presence or online services, now is the time. Whether it is an online store for physical products, streaming of events, membership access to electronic materials, lessons, video or beyond, we can help.
Your business model and website should work as one – nowadays, your online presence is more than just a store, it is your hub for collecting and presenting all your assets in the most accessible and engaging ways. You should ensure that you communicate with your audience, monetize your work and make the most of your offerings.
Chances are you have some ideas and brainstorming to do and are in need of some support, advice or help with implementation. Give me a call to start the conversation, chances are I can assist and get you to that next level.


Stay healthy and prosper.

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