Got Small Business Website Blues?

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Maven News

You did it! “World’s Best Cup of Coffee”

You worked hard and finally took the plunge to launch your own business. Now, you are your own boss, barreling full steam ahead, doing what you were meant to do and making your mark on the world!

Livin’ the Dream

But what if your “dream” didn’t include becoming an expert in web technologies, marketing strategy and graphic design? If that is the case, then there is a good chance your head is ready to spin off because you are inundated with advice about what you need to do in order to grow your business and succeed.

In your new dream life, the to-do list is long and getting longer. You are excited, stressed, and taking care of business, that includes, covering your bases to build and market your brand.

It’s not rocket science

So, a lot of people do it all!  If you are equipped to do it all yourself, that is an awesome win win. After all, everyone is constantly online these days, and familiar with social media, and there are plenty of do it yourself web based tools. How hard can it be?

Do you change your own oil?

It’s really just a matter of bandwidth. Whatever energy you spend doing the heavy lifting for your small business website design, coding, development, hosting, promoting, brochures, advertising, tech support etc.. is time and energy that is NOT going into your craft or other aspects of your business.

What…you don’t have a dump truck full of money?

One option is to sign up with a swanky marketing agency and they will take care of everything. This can sometimes be true. But buckle up at invoice time. It is often just not practical for entrepreneurs and new small business owners to dish out the kind of money that marketing agencies require. To make matters worse, some agencies are much better at swooning you into signing a contract then they are at delivering turn-key results. So you end up with a big bill and a big headache, because you still have to devote time and energy unnecessarily to monitor THEM or fill in the gaps yourself.

Don’t hire your neighbor’s kid to help you, there is a better way

This is where I come in (Yeah, you knew that’s where I was going with this). I created Maven Design & Development specifically to help small businesses thrive. I have a diverse background that has given me an eclectic mix of creative and technical strengths and over 20 years of experience. The services I provide make me an excellent marketing partner and resource for new business owners because I can provide creative support in a dozen different ways…and I do not have the fancy overhead costs of an agency. I like it that way.

Peace of mind

If you are like most of the local business owners I have worked with, you need someone you can trust, who is competent, that will work with you to grow your business, without breaking the bank. I pride myself on wearing many hats, and the first step is to identify the needs of the client and create a plan to cover those bases. One set of services does not fit all.

So don’t let the overwhelming options of your website demands, marketing needs and online promotion strategy give you the “blues”. You’ve got a business to run, so give us a call, let’s talk about your goals, then make a plan to go crush the competition!

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